Lung Function Testing

Lung function testing assists in the management of Asthma and other chronic lung disorders or to evaluate an ongoing cough.

Common lung conditions, such as Asthma and Emphysema, cause problems by narrowing the airways (bronchial tubes) resulting in shortness of breath. Spirometry and flow volume curves are tests that measure how much narrowing is present.

These tests involve taking a full breath in and blowing out into a device called a spirometer. Measurements are made which indicate the speed at which the lungs can be emptied and filled with air. The test is performed whilst seated, and usually takes 10 to 20 minutes. It is sometimes carried out before and after inhaling a reliever drug such as Ventolin TM or Bricany lTM to measure the effect of these drugs. In this case, your doctor may ask you not to take your usual reliever medication prior to the test.

The test is performed by our practice nurses and the results are reviewed by your doctor and discussed with you.