Pre-Employment Medicals and Corporate Medicals

Pre-employment medicals are completed by our doctors with assistance from our practice nurses. The medicals are to assess candidate’s suitability for the proposed employment.

We request that companies provide their own documented pre-employment criteria so the candidate can bring to the appointment. If you do not have the necessary documents, our practice will supply the forms for you.

The doctor will discuss with you, health concerns, medical history and will perform a full physical examination. Once the assessment is completed the report is sent to the requesting company.

The assessment will take 30 minutes with the Doctor, then 30 minutes with our practice nurse.

To organize a pre-employment medical, please contact the practice manager.

Every pre-employment requires different testing depending on the requirements of the job, some may include:

  • Full medical assessment covering medical history, health concerns and any current medications in a report form provided by the company.
  • Onsite Audiometry testing
  • Accredited Drug & Alcohol screening
  • Spirometry for lung function testing
  • Strength testing
  • Pinch gauge testing
  • 3 Minutes Step testing
  • ECG